Friday, March 14, 2008

Swap and Hop folks......

Once again friends I am participating in my online "friend" Lysa TerKeurst's topic of the day. Today's topic (drum roll please): ORGANIZATION. Woo hoo, my favorite!
So if you are looking for some organizational ideas or have one to share please hop over to her site.

I must admit I have quite a few OCD tendencies, and my husband will certainly vouch for that. I aspire to have the neatest home in America but working full-time and being a mom to an 8 and 6 year old certainly are obstacles. Wifehood and especially motherhood has forced me to focus on the more important things in life, such as raising Godly and polite children! I think I have gotten better over time in letting things go and taking the "people live here" attitude about our home. Right dear?? Now don't get me wrong, we do not live in filth, but I am less OCD about having things completely spotless. Yes, goodness, I still have occasional meltdowns about the piles of clutter and messy kids rooms, which seems to get a deer in headlight response from the 3 other members of this home.

However, I have implemented a few things to help out in that department. As some of you know, we LOVE, LOVE, LOVE some Super Target in our home. We implemented the idea of storage bins early in their life which has carried us through today. In each of the kids rooms we have the following set of bookshelves and bins in the kids rooms:

Since the princess seems to have more little things to keep up with (i.e. Polly Pockets), we bought more storage bins. Each bin has a surface that can be labeled with chalk. Now because I am OCD and the chalk makes a mess and rubs off easily, I used my favorite label maker and applied labels to the bins!

The second item we use in their rooms are under the bed plastic containers, for which I also use my handy dandy label maker. They are a great place to store my son's billions of legos, because we all know they are no fun to step on in the pitch dark as you check on your sleeping angel!! And they are also great for storing doll house furniture as well as baby doll and Barbie clothes. And we all know that Barbie NEVER has her clothes on.


Alyce said...

Is that your home??? Oh my goodness I LOVE it!! Perfectly content w/ my own, but love love that.
Ok.. so yea, Barbie never does seem to keep her clothes on. Whats up w/ that?? I think Barbie has gained a little in the hip area too.. Those barbie pants never seem to be able to get up on her easily! Maybe that is why I am always asked to dress barbie, cause they see me struggling getting my own pants up..haha!
Nice tips!! I've got to get our play room and library organized..haven't seen anyone offer a playroom tip yet!


Jenny said...

Can I be your friend and you come help me???

Great pictures and ideas!

Heather said...

Yeah, we are definitely going to need more organization soon. I love those bins. You know our house is very lived in as well (as you saw last weekend!). It's just so hard to get things done, lol. Love the post about Caleb...he's looking so grown up now! Let's start planning another dinner where we have all the kids...we can do it at our house :-)

Cindy-Still His Girl said...

Love it. Wish you could come organize more of our junk! :)