Wednesday, January 7, 2009

What’s new pussycat?


Whoa, whoa, whoa…..


WARNING:  Random bullet points about to begin. 


  • I must first talk about the weather we’ve had for the last 2 weeks.  Clouds….rain….grey sky….clouds….rain….  You get the picture.  It is ON MY NERVES.  I have total sympathy for the people who live in Seattle.  I was thinking one more day of this and I was going to need a little happy pill.  Which might not be a bad idea most days, clouds or not. 


  • Next topic….resolutions or not.  It seemed to be the topic of choice at work this week.  Everyone talking about theirs and how some have already failed at them.  I am not a resolution maker.  Sure, I’d like to be less sedentary and loose a little weight.  But that is nothing new to me this year or from any other.    Why set yourself up for failure is what I say.


  • School started back on Monday.  WOOOOOO!  *clapping wildly*  However, to dampen the party mood around the house, homework began full force Monday afternoon.  There just has to be a better system than sending that stuff home.  I mean can’t they be in school a couple of extra hours for “homework time.” 


  • The 4th grader came home with a project that will be completed in sections over the next 5 months on our great state of Alabama.  However, tears began flowing as he focused on the “big picture” and flipped through the State Notebook filled with endless pages of questions and blank picture boxes.  "I can’t do it all, it’s too much” he cried.  We had to do some serious S-L-O-W talking to get him to understand his wonderful teachers divided the book into sections and created a timeline.  He is still a bit panicked.  I have NO idea where he gets that from.


  • Last night I was shocked to discover the greatest decade of my life has been merely reduced to a fraternity party.  I did a double take and even got the hubby to verify what I was seeing.  It is sad but true, the little frat boy (and I mean little boy) had the 80’s hotty, Magnum P.I., on the back of his “Tribute to the Eighties Party” t-shirt.    *sigh*


  • Speaking of the best decade of my life, thanks to those of you who wished my friend Teresa a happy 40th birthday on Monday!  I am happy to report she is adjusting fine to her more seasoned age.  And I just have to show you all what I sent her.  I wanted to decorate her lawn with 40 pink flamingos but waited too late.  However, I did order this awesome cookie bouquet for her from Cookies by Design:



  • I think she especially liked the tombstone that read “Happy Birthday You Buzzard”.  Good stuff.  And thanks to my tribute post, her 8 year old daughter has been like a broken record saying, “Lordy, lordy, look whose 40"!  Oops.


  • And for some really good news…..Kristen’s ‘Fro Me to You blog party starts back tomorrow.  You all know that it’s my favorite day in blogdom.  I love getting out my old photos and sharing them with you.  If you don’t participate you should.  For more info on the blog carnival click here.


So, what’s new with you???



Leigh said...

I am with you on 2 points more than any....

1. rain. WOW! It is sunshine finally. Is the sun blinding your eyes like it is mine? But come Saturday....its baccck.

2. resolutions. I hate them. Years ago, I resolved to no resolutions. For me though, this year, the low carb thing is all me. It was just the timing happened to fall. I am like you...why set yourself up for failure. Which is why i refuse to "diet". Moderation.

littletoesandcheerios said...

I'm hungry and I suck at my diet!
Love the Tomes Jones video!
See you tomorrow on SFMTY!

Valarie Lea said...

I am so happy abput the Fro!

Also my son does the same thing. Where he gets it from I don't know, cause I am a big Procrastinator, Don't worry it will all work out kind of gal.

Jules from "The Roost" said...

I like your bullet points much better than mine. I feel the same way about the weather!

DeeDee said...

I tooo am ready for some SUNSHINE!

love the way you put the thoughts down in bullet points!

The Source said...

Amen on the homework! How much time do they waste in school anyway? My twins sit in the kitchen for hours every night finishing up stuff. I think they should cut out some of the "junk" like computer-assisted-learning and AR tests. Sit down, do your work and be done!

OK...that's enough ranting in your comments! :)