Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Talking ‘Bout My Girl

She wanted to play.

We tried to talk her out of it.

  1. It will be hot.
  2. It will be mostly boys.
  3. It will be very hot.
  4. You cannot quit once you start.
  5. It will be very, very hot.

She would not listen.

We signed her up.

Today she scored her first flag-football touchdown!

While wearing a pink sequinced head band (not shown) that match her pink tennis shoes.




And the season has not officially started.

Rock on Princess!


Valarie said...

Wooo Hooo you go Princess!!!!! You show those boys that girls are just as tough as they are!

jennifer said...

YEAH! Show 'em what girls are made of Chick!

It's Hot!
It's Hot!
It's Hot in here...
There must be a Princess
In the Atmosphere!

*spirit fingers*


Well Behaved Krissy said...

Shes so cute. I see a UA football scholarship in her future ;)

Heather said...

You go Princess!!! Show those boys how it's done :)