Saturday, August 23, 2008

The Jackson 4

Because we had no desire to make it 5.

myYearbookPhoto myYearbookPhotojim82


For lack of anything better to post, and thanks to Valarie, I found this site to be absolutely entertaining. Enjoy our “walk” back through time. It will be swell.

Mother and Father GRITS in 1952. The year we gave birth to June.


Mother and Daughter photos from 1960:

myYearbookPhoto1960mi myYearbookPhoto1960

1964, the year I won the Pillsbury bake-off:


The happy couple in 1968, our 20th wedding anniversary:

myYearbookPhotojim68 myYearbookPhoto68

1970, the year my first cookbook was published:


Ok, ok, those were totally fabricated. But the following, well, I’ll let you decide:

1984, who could hate the 80’s?


Here we are as seniors in high school. The year, 1986. The styles were totally happening. Anyone miss the perms, shoulder pads and sock ties?

myYearbookPhoto1986 myYearbookPhotojim86

Now, here we are the year we got married. We’ve changed a lot since 1996. I realized that blondes do not have more fun, and the hubby finally shook off the skater hairdo.

myYearbookPhotojim96 myYearbookPhoto96

What about the GRITS kids? Well, they say styles come back around. So lets see what they will look like as the fads change:


myYearbookPhoto1968mimyYearbookPhoto78ci myYearbookPhoto1964mi


So, if your weekend is a total washout thanks to tropical storm Fay, head on over to create your own family’s yearbook. Click on over to the website to begin the fun.

It’s easy as ABC, 123…….


Valarie said...

That is hilarious!!!! Yours are great! I love the ones with the kids, that is so cool!!! Ok, I am off to do pictures of the kids now. :)

Well Behaved Krissy said...

love it!!

Mike Golch said...

great posting.

KrustyTheCat said...

This was too funny! Thanks for sharing, the pics I used had us rolling with laughter.

Leigh said...

That is so funny! Jen did this too'check hers out at Dust Bunny Hostage. I am going to follow ya'll suit later in the week.

In the menatime-an award for you at my place

jennifer said...


Tammy! Yours was SO good!!!!

The kids are darlin' and you and your fellow make a cute couple at any point in time!

What fun!


Leigh said...

shoot....I think I had you email at one time... will you email me(on profile). I have a question for you.

Penni said...

You have way too much time on your hands. Next time, just come clean my house, please.

natasha Stone said...

Two words: HY. STERICAL.