Monday, August 18, 2008

Friend ARE friends forever

Some of you may recognize those words written by one of my favorite musical artists, Michael W. Smith.  For some they are just words, but to me the song means a bit more.

To this day when I hear this song, I always think of my good friends I made in college because it was one of “our” songs.  We sang it for various ceremonies, therefore it has meaning.

One person it always reminds me of is my dear college friend, Teresa.   If you’ve been visiting my blog for any length of time, you know she is not a stranger to these here parts.  She is solely responsible for my entrance in the blogging world.

In case you may have missed meeting her, I made a video for her not-so-40th birthday in January.   I will refrain from once again revealing the 80’s Teresa, which almost got me in big trouble.

Last weekend, my family had the privilege of traveling to the Franklin, TN area to pay the Wood family a long overdue visit.

The tone of the weekend was set when we pulled up in the driveway:



Yes, friends, it’s NOT ok for me to embarrass my friend on the Internet.  However, my hideous college photos can be displayed for hours on the main thoroughfare of the Wood family’s ginormous neighborhood.  And I mean ginormous!

Despite the fact that time and distance have separated us, we always just pick up where we left off.  After catching up on what’s new in our lives, we dragged out the old photos, yearbooks and other memorabilia.  Our husbands were pretty much on their own. 

Teresa has a daughter the same age as the Princess, so those two disappeared for the entire weekend.  I think a second generation friendship was formed over two days.




Lego-Man was basically on his own also.  The highlight of his weekend was playing with Molly the not-so ferocious Chihuahua and a this little “trip”:


This is a ledge in the great room which the Wood family uses at Christmastime for a holiday display.  He was not leaving without the opportunity to get up there.  Wish granted by the Wood family.  Thank you very much.  Of course, the girls were not going to be outdone.



Now for the highlight of the “little” girls’ weekend.  Teresa took us on a local site seeing tour, which included a stop at the gate of the Casa de Miley Cyrus. 


Yes, ma’am.   I am talking about one excited little Princess.  My child fully expected to be greeted at the gate by the one and only Miley.  Instead, right after the following photo was shot, we were greeted by three people on motorcycles coming down the driveway.


After we quickly dashed back into the car, Teresa suspected it was probably Miley's little brother.  Immediately the Princess starts screaming and waving from the car and to her excitement we got a wave back from the helmet wearing individuals.  It could have been the gardener for all she cared, this was one of the highpoints of her 7 year old life!

The highlight of my weekend was getting to spend time with someone whose friendship has spanned over 20 years.  

From 1986:


To 2008:



Until next time, Teresa, there's one thing I know for sure:

...friends are friends forever
If the lords the lord of them
And a friend will not say never
cause the welcome will not end
Though its hard to let you go
In the fathers hands we know
That a lifetimes not too long to live as friends.


Valarie said...

Oh that sounds so fun! Ok next time email me when you go to Franklin, you pretty much went by my house!

Anonymous said...

I've never seen a ledge like that in a house- That is cool! Know y'all had fun!

jennifer said...

The kids looked like they had gained some major bragging rights with that ledge.

I was trying so hard to read Teresa's sweatshirt - thought it might be a sorority shirt. Were you a Greek Greek GRIT? Hah!!

Be blessed.


Teresa said...

Thanks Cubby!!! We did have fun didn't we?!?!!?

I'm pretty sure we violated some child endangerment laws with that ledge but who cares. They liked it!

Can't wait for the next visit. I'll just need to make sure Miley's home. : ) Love you guys!

Heather said...

Looks like you had a great time!!

Big Nanny said...

I have been to the Wood home many a time and I have never been allowed on that ledge.

Under the Florida Sun said...

love your blog!!! Thanks for stopping by mine.
I've always wanted to be a GRIT! When I met my DH I told him that one day I wanted to live in the south.(We both were born and raised in MD).
Little did I know his version of the south meant FL. And I don't think they count that as the 'south' really. LOL.

What a great post this was about friendship!! So sweet