Monday, August 25, 2008

How YOU doin’

Notice I said that with my best impression of Joey from Friends. Well, almost:

We've been doin' a whole lotta' nothing here at the GRITS household. Thanks to tropical storm Fay, we've been banished to the indoors. Oh, I'm not complaining about the rain because we definitely need it.

Our power actually went out for SEVERAL hours in the very early hours of Sunday morning. Upon waking to our electrical dilemma, the Princess complained there was "nothing to do" because the power was out. Sheesh. Her complaints were short lived after a trip to McDonalds for a healthy breakfast followed by regular Sunday church activities. By the time they arrived home after Sunday lunch with mom at work, the power was back on.

Late Friday night I was stricken with some sort of cold type plague. All day Saturday I bonded with these:



Saturday afternoon I found myself desperate looking for ANY type of relief from sinus stuffiness. Which resulted in a self-inflicted near drowning with this little jewel:


Yes, some of you may have seen this on Oprah. I don't care if Dr. Oz highly recommends this, one should attend a training session on this thing before using it. Did I get sinus relief once I used it correctly? Not so much.

Back to the power outage. I failed to mention earlier that I was on call for 24 hours Sunday in the Labor & Delivery unit. Which I was dreading, since the barometric pressure changes ensured me of a full house and zoo-like atmosphere! Well, the Lord was looking out for his sick little lamb. I only had one laboring woman for the whole day. She even asked me if I would blow my nose before I came back in to put in her epidural. Yes.She.Did. I quickly informed her I would be wearing a mask and would maintain optimal sterile conditions.

Today, I've spent a bit of time using these around the GRITS household:


And checkout our current radar:


The forecast is for continued rain until Thursday! Looks like were socked in for a whole lot of nothing around here. I just pray we don't loose our power again. I'd hate to force a board game or reading by candlelight on the Princess! YOU doin'??


Big Nanny said...

The neti-pot is not my friend!

mama wants more said...

Thanks for the laugh with the Joey video. My 3-year-old was listening and is now trying to copy him! Too funny. Hope you survive the storm.

Valarie said...

Self induce drowning is not my idea of fun. :( By the way, I need yo uto e.mail me the difference in what you do and what an anethesiologist (sp?) does. That way I can educate my middle one on what field she needs to fo into.

Mike Golch said...

Just stopped by "to see what condition you condition was in"
Sorry Kenny Rodgers. I just had to use it.

Heather said...

Hope you're better - there must be something going around. We've been sucking and wiping the little one's runny nose for days.

Kirby3131 said...

Well, on my blog last week you asked for a little rain LOL Guess you got it! I was without power for 20 hours or so -- over two days. On for 6 hours off for 6. On for two hours, off for 3. At least it kept coming back on!

The neti pot is supposed to work with continued use. It isn't necessarily a one time thing. I have been having a lot of trouble with my sinuses and I started using several products. I talked about them here... Allergies I am now totally in love with the nose spray I mentioned. The herbal allergy tabs are also starting to really kick in.

Didn't mean to hi-jack your comments section!

Nik said...

LOL that is some wild contraption! I found one a few weeks ago and saved it in a draft for another day. I'm sure you'll get a kick outta it.

I LOVE Joey!

BTW - I have an award for ya on my blog - though you had already received it - but I just love reading your blog!