Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Sincerely ‘Fro Me to You—Maypole Dance


This week’s Thursday blogfest, hosted by Kristen, includes photos from an event I participated in during my freshman year of college. The year was Spring of 1987.

As you will see, it’s highly likely I participated because, quite frankly, I did not know any better. Chalk it up to inexperience in life or just lack of judgement by the 18 year old trying to “find” herself while away from home.

Many of the girls on my floor in the dorm were doing it and gosh golly I was going to do it too. Don’t worry mom, this was all the peer pressure I succumbed to at college.

I have mentioned my college before and we did some pretty strange things in the name of tradition. Believe it or not this is not at the top of the strange list. But that’s another day and another post.

Every year in the spring, Judson College has an alumnae weekend known as “J-Day”. Alumnae from all over come back and relive their college memories for a couple days. During my years there, the freshman class had a once in a lifetime opportunity to “dance around the maypole”. My friends held me at gunpoint convinced me to participate. Somehow.

What??? You want to know why “girls” and a Baptist women’s college were performing a maypole dance? I wish I could tell you, I really do. And now that I have done a Google search on maypole dancing, I want to deny my participation. However, the photos say otherwise.

3rd Floor Kirtley Dorm Maypole Beauties (me on bottom right):


One of my best buddies:


I obviously had a skipping good time:


Well, now that the humiliation is over click on over to We Are THAT Family and check out all the other black mail fabulous photos that may have never seen the inside of a scrapbook. You might even catch our hostess, Kristen, in a spectacular swimsuit.


We are THAT Family said...

That is hilarious! I'm not even sure what a maypole dance is about, but I'll google it and judge you, I mean, think of you! We used to ride twin mattresses down the flights of stairs in my old dorm!

D... said...

So what exactly is a maypole dance? I'm almost afraid to google it. ;) I love those pics tho, especially the dress!

My Sincerely 'Fro Me to You is up too.

Muthering Heights said...

You look like a lovely little forest fairy...the Queen Of the May even!

Anonymous said...

Are those dresses made out of sheets?
Y'all do look like fairies!

Anonymous said...

Ahh the fairy sprites in all their spring finery! It's amazing what we can be talked in to when we're young, isn't it? Ugh, that's a whole post in itself for me!

jennifer said...

Loo Loo Skip to my Loo....

There are just SO many funny things about this post. The nymph like dresses. The eighties poofy hair on the girls. The skipping.

FABULOUS post my dear. You dug deep and SHARED.

I feel *sniff* so close to you right now.



Amy said...

Maypole...whaaaaaaaaaaaaaat! I've never heard of that before. Is it a fancy word for skipping? j.k. Looks like it made for good memories.

mommagurl32 said...

That made me giggle..thanks for sharing!

Nik said...

That is RICH!! Too funny and thanks sooooo much for sharing.

HDMac said...

LOL... Love it!!!! Thanks for sharing! fun memories

Anonymous said...

All of the women in my family attended Judson College. As a daughter, I was hauled to many-a J-Day. The May Pole dance was fun to watch, but my favorite activity was Step Sing. Do you take your daughter to J-Day?

Valarie said...

This is good! Didn't you look cute in your maypole dress.

Oh My gosh I just looked it up on Wikipedia and I can't stop laughing. Little did y'all know... :)

Ramblings of Kimberly said...

Oh my..I remember the maypole dance! You just brought back some memories for me!! hahaha

Leigh said...

cute as pie picks!

Tammy said...

Leslie, I have taken my daughter to a couple of J-Day's and I'm not sure when I'll begin the brainwashing to attend JC! :-)

Step-sing was my absolute favorite, I still know all the songs!

marky said...

I've heard about may poles, but never knew anyone who actually did the dance! Love the dress ;-)