Tuesday, April 8, 2008

American Idol Inspiration?

This week they are singing "Inspirational Songs". Great! Marvelous! These are the songs that initiate an immediate reflex in my arm, and the next thing I know the radio station changes in my car. This won't be my favorite week at all. So, I will suffer through it in the name of blogdom.

Michael Johns: "Dream On" by Aerosmith. Ummm, Thurston Howell the third just called, he wants his ascot back. I thought it was a pretty good rendition. Paula said something about her Taco Bell dogs joining him on stage. Huh?

Sayesha: "I Believe" by Fantasia. She took on a big song and, well, sang it. Miss ADD here was fixated on her BIG HOOP EARRINGS. My mind ran on and on.....are those things heavy, do they hurt her ear lobes?? *yawn*

Jason "Dread Lock" Castro: "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" with a ukulele. Where is Tiny Tim when you need him for back up? Oh yea, in a better place. Anyway, Jason sang very well, but I still can't get past that hair. Simon said, "fantastic".

Kristy Lee: "Always" by Martina McBride. Fine, I do like this song when on the radio. Uh oh, sparkly shirt, sparkly make up....major ADD distraction. I should e-mail her and tell her I have some gold play-doh that would make her whole hands, arms and face sparkly for half the price of her make-up. Not bad for the girl I have wanted to vote off the island for the last 2 weeks.

David Cook: "Innocent" by Our Lady Peace (who?). Remember he is my favorite and self picked winner of the show. Whoa, hang a minute buddy....is that Michael Jackson's coat from Thriller? Maybe not. I've never heard of that song in my life, but Paula was movin' and groovin' with him. (cleavage alert) And the hand sign: GIVE BACK! kewl.

Carly Tattoo Arm: "Show Must Go On". I really liked her hair tonight. She has a really good big sound. Randy and Paula thought the performance was ok and Simon thought she sounded "angry".

Cute little David Archuleta: "Angels". He's good, you know it, I know it. He will be in the final two. Period.

Brooke: "You've Got a Friend" by Carol King or James Taylor (whom I do love). I'm having a Woodstock party later this year, you think she would let me borrow that dress? It was an ok rendition but not great. Paula said it was "definitive". Does Paula know how to spell that? I think she got the kiss of death comment by Simon.

That's it folks. Nothing new in the judges' department. Brother Randy was rockin' in the house, Simon wore a black t-shirt again, and Paula had herself squeezed in that top like a sausage casing. I thought we might be in for a wardrobe malfunction!

Here are my predictions for bottom three:

My favorite tonight: Little David Archuleta

Who's gonna go: Carly

So, what are your thoughts or comments. I am NEEDING some comments! :-)

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Cindy-Still His Girl said...

You are hilarious. I truly cackled several times. :)

Lack of comments stinks, huh? Are you leaving lots of comments out there for people? My comments always drop when I'm not leaving comments as much. (Which sometimes you just have to do!)

I'm adding you to my bloglines so I can comment more often! :) Tell me when you get the book, ok?