Tuesday, April 1, 2008

American Idol Does Backwoods Barbie

Of course, the first thing that comes to my mind when I see Dolly Parton is this:

I can't tell you how many times I watched that movie back in the day. My 8 year old wanted to know, "Isn't she from Hannah Montana?"

Brooke sang about some chick named Jolene. In the infamous words of brother Randy, it was just ok for me dog.

David Cook, whom I decided last week is my pick to win the whole thing, chose Dolly's favorite song "Little Sparrow". He is just totally awesome. It wasn't as great as last week, but good enough.

Ramiele sang some song about ever crossing someone's mind. All my mind could think of during that song was where in the world did she get that crazy outfit. I think Molly Ringwald wore that little number in some movie. Really.

Jason Castro. I still can't get past the hair. And I hope Dolly sanitized after touching it. I believe she called him "funky lookin'". Ya' think, Dolly?

Carly did a pretty good job tonight singing "Hear You Come Again". Obviously Paula loved it based on her multiple OMG comments. I am still distracted by her tattoo arm.

Little David A. almost caused an eyelash malfunction with Ms. Dolly. Phew, that could have been disastrous. Once again, he did a great job and I think he will be one of the finalists, the pink princess phones probably lit up the phone lines tonight!

Kristy Lee, bless her heart, sang about a "Coat of Many Colors" while barefoot and wearing a dress with too many colors. And were those earrings dream catchers? I am almost positive some of our native Americans want those back.

Syesha, or as Dolly called her Shy-esha, sang that incredibly annoying song "I Will Always Love You". She sang atop the piano and too was barefoot, what is up with that? Is that some hidden insinuation that people in Tennessee don't wear shoes? Perhaps.

Michael Johns gave us his rendition of "It's All Wrong, But It's All Right". He did a really good job. He would probably be my second pick. One question here, how come folks that speak with a British/English accent don't sing with one. Hmmmm.

Praise the Lord that Paula's carpal tunnel was not acting up this week and she left her black orthotic gloves in the dressing room. She replaced them with about 25 gold bangle bracelets, which I'm sure had some sort of healing power. Simon's wardrobe is still lacking color qualities and our main dog Randy was in da' house! Favorite quote from Simon this evening, "I think I'm about to lose my season pass to Dollywood!"

Well, that's my review for the evening. My pick once again is David Cook. I am so hoping that Kristy Lee takes her barefoot, peacock dress of many colors home. Peace out.

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Sara said...

I'm with you with Jason Castro, although I'm kinda getting used to the hair on him.

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