Monday, April 14, 2008

Tagged by a bloggy friend.....

I had no sooner got it out of my "mouth" to The Queen B, thanks for not tagging me. When my other bloggy friend Cindy clearly tagged me. So, I will play along with this little game because I have nothing to post about today. It's April 14, the day before tax day. But most importantly the day before the big 4-0!! Are you all sick of hearing about my birthday yet? Don't worry after tomorrow it will be over....I pinky swear.

What was I doing ten years ago (1998):
(does Cindy actually think I remember)
*Working in the trauma/surgical ICU as a staff nurse and loving it
*Living in Tuscaloosa and starting to look for a house
*Talking about starting a family
*I was 10 lbs lighter
*Wearing a shoe 1 1/2 sizes smaller

5 things on my to-do list tomorrow:

*Duh, didn't you read above, it's my birthday (insert fanfare music here)
*Go to work
*Dinner with the family
*Open cards and gifts
*Have some spectacular dessert

5 snacks I enjoy:
*My most favorite snack is natural popcorn with white cheddar salt
*Ice cream....current favorite is Ben and Jerry's Creme Brulee
*Apples with peanut butter
*'Nilla wafers dipped in ice cold skim milk
*Anything chocolate, especially dark chocolate

5 things I would do if I were a billionaire:

*Pay off my student loans
*Hire Dave Ramsey to do my financial planning
*Give back to my first alma mater--Judson College--because they gave so much to me
*Let my child take horseback riding lessons-- see previous post

5 bad habits:
*not getting enough rest
*not exercising often anymore
*fussing at my kids for things that really don't matter in the grand scheme
*not spending enough time in God's Word
*obsessing over clutter

5 places I have lived:
*Born in Mobile, AL-- home of the Greek side of the family
*Birmingham, AL-- the early 80's
*Decatur, AL-- in the middle of 11th grade-- ugh
*Marion, AL-- home of Judson College--where women are women and men are guests
*Tuscaloosa, AL-- been here since 1990 and hope to stay forever

5 jobs I have had:

*Surgeon's scrub-- thought I wanted to be an orthopedic surgeon
*Analytical chemist-- one summer during college, the wire rim glasses were fab
*Paramedic-- yes, it was a fun job
*Critical care nurse--loved it but had to move on
*Nurse Anesthetist--glad I moved on

Well, there you have it. All the excitement you can stand to read in one day.
I will ceremonially tag my bloggy friend Scott, because he is too funny for words most days, and I don't see where he has been recently tagged. Sorry pal. And this will be futile, but I will tag my little sister Nicolette. She is a full time teacher and mother of 3 boys, and has a blog but has a hard time getting in going. Perhaps this will help. Or not.


Cindy-Still His Girl said...

You done good, my friend. Fear not... you have fulfilled your tagging requirements for me. ;)

After that post, though, I am a little in awe of you and your career. You must be SMART.

Nicolette said...

Okay, so I've been tagged. Exactly what does that mean and what do I do???