Thursday, April 24, 2008

Frankie Says Relax

Well, folks, this one will go down in the record books. Tonight I played host to this month's GNO (Girls Night Out). What started out as an Over the Hill theme suddenly became an 80's party. Much to my excitement!

What transpired was a mix of "Over the Hill" meets 1985. Most of the gals showed up in 80's dress, but all in black. There were side ponytails, jelly bracelets, big earrings, BIG hair, a banana clip, and even a set of deely-boppers. Remember those? And as always, there was plenty of good food and friends.

I had to carefully chose my clothing ensemble. My typical 1980's dress was always preppy. Izod shirts, Bermuda shorts, Pappagallo purse and belt, and the shoes were always top siders (I think the kids call 'em Sperry's these days). Oh the good ol' days. Soooo, for my super spectacular 80's theme night, I went for the opposite look. Something a bit more Pretty in Pink-ish. You know, Molly Ringwald-ish.

And for the record, I've NEVER had BIG hair.

By Wednesday afternoon, I had my look complete. All the way down to my spectacular shoes-- and I might add, MOST uncomfortable shoes. I didn't remember that about the jelly shoe.

Check out my GNO friends (sorry girls, the world SHOULD see this):

The night would not have been complete without an Over the Hill / 1980's dessert.

Compliments of the hubby, we had good 80's CDs playing in the background. There were plenty "I love this song" moments, followed by singing and chair dancing-- you know, when you dance while sitting in your chair. We ended up the evening with a rousing game of 1980's Trivial Pursuit. Really.

It was too much fun and almost brutal. Anyone else remember that Janet Jackson played Willis' girlfriend, Charlene, on Different Strokes?? At one moment, we even broke out into a bea-yoooo-ti-ful rendition of "We are the World". You all just thought in your head "we are the children"....I KNOW you did.

I'm a little surprised that some of you doubted my ability to blog this event before morning. No names will be mentioned, only a photo, which she also said I wouldn't post:

Don't worry, sister, the sunglasses mask your identity. :-) Until May's GNO, ROCK ON!


jennifer said...

Gosh that looks fun! And you look adorable and that from a former High-Hair wearer!

Be blessed.


Cindy-Still His Girl said...

So fun! We keep talking about having an 80s party!

Nicolette said...

Girl, where did you find jelly shoes...and in adult sizes at that!! Let me know when the next 80's night will be. I will drive up for that one!!

IRENE said...

Hi! Thanks for stopping by my place. I really like your outfit best. (And Neil Diamond's songs!) Have a lovely time.