Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Spring cleaning.....

Who said spring cleaning had to be only indoors? Today I took the cleaning fever into the great wide open!

After working a full day in the OR (Operating Room for those of you not familiar with my work area), I came home and almost immediately began putting our newly tuned lawnmower to work.

Now I know what some of you are going to say...."your husband doesn't do the lawn", "YOU cut grass", "what???". Let me just begin by saying I am the oldest of four children and I have been cutting grass since I was about 12 or 13, right mom? I was never forced to cut the grass, to the best of my memory I volunteered to do it. I'm sure sometimes I did not do it with a grace filled heart. :-) And to this day, I LOVE cutting the grass!

After the grass was cut, the hubby commenced to weed eating, I can do that too, but don't like it as much as mowing or working the leaf blower! There's just something about blowing a spider into outer space with that thing.

After my part of the yard work was done I set my sights on something higher. Yes, it should have been praying. Praying for my sanity to return before I did something crazy, like getting on the roof and cleaning out the gutters. Yea, that would be too crazy for someone who will turn 40 in exactly one week.

I guess not too crazy. Let the rains come. My clean gutters are ready!!

Of course, any good husband of a blogging wife would immediately come out in the name of blogdom to photo the moment of insanity. Thanks dear!

The sweet reward for my intense labor!


Amy Jo said...

Goodness gracious....you are a brave woman, getting up to clean the gutters. I surely hope that's a ranch you are climbing around on...??? We have a colonial and there's no way I'm getting that high off the ground!

jennifer said...

You are much braver than I am. That last photo looks a bit precarious!

But wow, a husband who will snap a picture of you. I am SO impressed!
It looks like I don't live here if you go by our photos. I am ALWAYS behind the camera.