Tuesday, April 1, 2008

You know you're getting old when....

There could be any number of things in my life right now that would answer that question. I could probably do a stand up routine on it.

But today I can answer that question with....You know you are getting old when you pick out a new washer and dryer as your 40th birthday present! There was a day when that would have sent me over the edge but not today. It was an event in our home. We are putting away the old and bringing in the new.

My heart skipped a beat when the Sears truck pulled up outside to deliver the goods. I think the lemonade and cookie tray may have been overkill! I promised the guys I would put in a good word for them to get a raise.

Goodbye friends of 15+ years. You have been worked to death and never complained, you just kept going. We've had some good memories, like the time you thought it would be funny to pop a hose off the back and completely flood the laundry room and entire kitchen. So long energy inefficient, water guzzling buddy. Al Gore says you must go or that crack in the arctic ice shelf will be my fault.

Hello new friends! You've got years of work ahead of you. Your energy efficiency and decreased water consumption could not be beat. Hope you can live up to your predecessor's excellent reputation and hard work ethic.

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