Sunday, April 6, 2008

Going once, going twice.....SOLD!

The highlight of this weekend was attending the annual fund raiser at our kids' school. The night began with a yummy BBQ supper in the school cafeteria. Funny thing though, I remember those little round seats being bigger?! Oh well.

After dinner, we all made our way to the gymnasium to bid on the silent auction which was followed by a live auction. The items up for bid varied from Webkinz to vacation getaways! Each class prepared a basket of items based on a theme chosen by the teacher. Then each child brought an item to "donate" for the basket. The princess' basket theme was baseball and the homeroom mom only needed $5 from each child because she had large items donated! And our son's teacher chose a "pamper me" theme, so we donated a foot care kit. Who couldn't use one of those???

Anyway, we put out a few bids on the silent auction because we knew we could not compete on the larger more expensive items. The princess honed in on the Webkinz items but was outbid quickly by children with larger piggy banks. I refuse to pay one more dollar on the little creatures! Of course, my OCD son honed in on this:

His OCD tendencies came shining through immediately. Oh how I wish I had taken the camera! Picture this, if you will, my son hovering over this paper while pacing and wringing his hands if anyone walked up just to read the flyer! He had his wallet in his pocket and knew exactly how high he could bid. He said, "I can only go up to $27 and then I'll need some money from somebody else." Yea, not mine I was thinking.

We had to all but physically remove him from the scene of the crime while time ticked down on the silent auction. After banning him from the auction floor, he had his friend run down and check to see if he was winning with only three minutes left. He was. Finally the buzzer rang and we all were relieved that the torture was over. It was only a matter of time before we found out that Caleb had lost the weekend with the little rodents....he was beaten in the last few minutes by someone else. HIS SISTER! Yes, the princess, at some point, snuck down on the floor and put her name on the line below his! We pick the rodents up Thursday, stay tuned....

The night was not over for us, we found out that we won a couple of other items.

Hopefully, this item will make up for the rodent fiasco of 2008. We won it for about half its retail value. We plan on using this for Caleb's birthday party next month.

And the final item we won was a cute little basket filled with my favorite theme goodies. COFFEE!!! It had 3 bags of coffee, 5 coffee mugs, 2 bottles of flavoring, and a couple of tea things. The starting bid was $15 so we thought why not. I checked on it a few times and we were still winning, and I was excited. The auction ended and I was the proud owner of a basket of coffee fun. After getting home, I suddenly realized why no other coffee lover bid on this fabulous treasure. ALL 3 BAGS OF COFFEE ARE DECAFFEINATED! WHAT??? My coffee basket excitement clearly affected my optic nerve. I did not see the print on the basket label (which clearly said DECAF). Whatever! I'll find some poor decaf soul to give it to.

The next surprise came out of the basket. The extremely cute dog mugs that my kids just l-o-v-e-d! The princess to claim to the white one because, "it looks like a real dog." Yes, I think so, don't you?

Yep, they were too cute for words.....ummm, but how about the words written on them:

I have already made plans to be out of town for next year's auction!

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2nd Cup of Coffee said...

Awesome mugs, that's all I can say.