Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Dinner Drama

Raise you hand if you have a child that is a picky eater?!




Long story short here:

Meet the 9 year old boy who will eat his weight in sushi in a single sitting. 




For those not on the sushi train……RAW fish, and in some cases cooked fish, sitting atop a bed of delicious rice.  Oh yes, and I can’t leave out that some of the sushi variety are wrapped in SEAWEED.

Yummy to some, not to others.


Now, meet the 9 year old boy who does not eat red meat of any kind….that’s right NO hamburgers, NO steak, NO NOTHING!  But lives for Teriyaki sauce on any given white meat.




Loves ribs, won’t touch pulled BBQ.

Loves raw broccoli, cheese, and white rice, but you couldn’t pay him to eat ONE bite of broccoli casserole.

Loves potato chips and French fries, but won’t touch a potato in ANY other form.


I could go on and on.  Which brings me here tonight.  I made this delicious Corn Chowder soup for supper. 

Here we go again with a mixture of all things he will eat separately, but not in a group form. 

And what do you think happened at our supper table.  Well of course he didn’t want to eat it.  I had to pull out the big guns and request he eat 10 bites of the soup, or the Webkinz this week would be *poof*.  And every Webkinz owner knows you MUST tend that garden or it will die.

I call it motivation, you may call it something else.  He proceeded to choke down all 10 bites of the soup with much ado and drama.

I’ll tell you what my mom called it when I didn’t want to eat those DISGUSTING slimey canned beets….she called it, “I’m gonna spank you if you don’t eat those beets”.  Message received.  Beets eaten. 

Not any more.

I don’t want him to sound too bad, but he does drink his milk and eats plenty of raw vegetables.  He also loves fruits, cheese and nuts.  So, I know he is getting some nutrition.

No, I don’t want to force the kid to eat foods, but I want him to try new things.  But the obvious problem with meal planning is driving me crazy!


Does anybody out there have any comments, tips, suggestions, something….anything?!


Well Behaved Krissy said...

Well the good news is he will be just like me when he grows up. I have weird things like that. I like ketchup, and tomato juice, cant STAND to eat tomatos. Its a texture thing. I dont like sushi though either, that's a smell thing.

2nd Cup of Coffee said...

Wow, what a conundrum! I'm sure you're the best equipped to handle this dilemma. I do not suspect him, as I do of some kids, of being picky for control/attention because of the way you describe his preferences and regular eating habits. I think he has taste buds with a distinct style! Cannot believe I got confused on the post date for "Fro." Ack. So I'm early to the game. What a dummy I am.

P.S.He loves you.. said...

Well since you asked:

If you really are finished with..his pickiness and you have the support of dh.
Then stop the maddness by simply not catering to his taste.
Yes he is very cute and likes allot of things most kids won't try..because they don't have to but really you want an out.

I know this is gonna sound mean..however if we always make consessions then why should our kids try anything new?

Our Dr. says "more power to you mom..when they are hungry enough they will try anything..but if we continue to contribute to what they like then seriously we create little picky tasters whom mentally believe it is bad for them to try anything new."

It's not physical right?
It's usually emotions that enable us to eat what's there.

But it's like anything when we make change..you've got to "follow through".

Do I have picky eaters or sensitive texture tasters?

Of course..but do I nuture this..not even close.

I am happy to report I cook and enjoy a variety of what I'd like w/out worry of "what will they eat"..because truth is..they will eat when they decide they don't like hunger pains.

Whatever you do ..make sure you get the benefits also!

Valarie said...

Hmmmm if he doesn't like everything mixed together, then have him stay in the kitchen with you while you cook and eat all the ingredients seperate. :}

Leigh said...

I have to admit, I was a picky eater as a child. I dont know what my mom fed me. I think I lived off of, pizza, grilled cheese, potatoes, rice and bread.
And I am still picky.
To this day I do not eat any kind of meat, fish, poultry....animal. Texture thing.
I have never liked cereal.
I dont drink milk or like it in anything (milkshakes, cereal...)
Only when I was about 30 did I start to eat fruit. Now I LOVE it. so there 's hope.
I ate my first pancake in 2006. Now it is apparent, I am a dofus.
I loved it though. I wish I didnt like it.
I am not big on sweets. or chocolate, though I like it alot more now. I have my moments though where I can eat an entire package of chocolate candy.
I used only eat cucumbers in the form of veggie's ( not counting potatoes).
I love veggies now, though there is still alot I dont eat.

My point, he will grwo and learn to try foods. He will. Or, he will be picky and like his few things. I know for you as a cook, it drives you mad. I am paying for my raising. I have a very picky kid too. She lives on spaghettios (which I make her cook!).
for the record I never aate nor will I eat sushi. And its good for you. Thats good.

Doug and Terrye said...

My boys hated everything...now that they are 25 and 21 they love everything! My 3 yr old (almost 4 yr old) hates rice! Good thing she came home from China, she would have starved to death!! :)

Terrye in FL

Anonymous said...

My kids luv sushi too-
Too bad it is so expensive!

We are THAT Family said...

I feel your pain! I have one like that. Except mine switches around what she likes and it's different all the time. Yep, I'm lucky like that!

Jules from "The Roost" said...

3 words.....Don't sweat it! If you quit fretting he will eventually start eating other things as he gets older. Don't let him even think it bothers you.....Kids survive on much less.

The Source said...

Ewww...my mom would set the oven timer and threaten us, too. If we didn't eat that slimy, disgusting Shake & Bake pork chop by the time the over went "Ding" she's get the paddle off the top of the fridge and spank us. Guess what? I'd rather be smacked than eat Shake & Bake ANY old day!

I have one twin that hates cheese. No grilled cheese sandwiches, no cheeseburgers, no nachos, no cheese. But he'll eat SQUIRREL! Go figure.

I don't force them to eat anything. They eat healthy 99% of the time, but I'm not making them choke down stuff they absolutely hate. I do make them try new things, but no one forces me to eat shrimp, milk or steak...so why make him eat cheese?

Willow said...

No help at all but I can tell you that I'm in the same boat. My kids are 15 and 18. They will willingly go hungry before they eat food that touches other food. Casseroles (one of my favorite things!)? Not in this house! One likes potatoes, the other likes rice. One likes pasta, the other can't stand it.... Challenge doesn't begin to cover dinner time here! :-)