Saturday, November 15, 2008

Then Sings My Soul-- MWS

Thanks for stopping by for a rare Saturday post here at the GRITS house. I am stalling. I am about to embark on the weekend edition of “The Cleaning of the Pig Sty”.

But not before I have a hot caffeinated beverage. Because I left this winter favorite in my lunch bag at work:


I had to settle for NEW and DELICIOUS discovery that you must try:


Now that I’ve got my hot cup of java, I thought I would join in this Meme I saw over at Mel’s place. The Meme originates at Amy’s Signs, Miracles, and Wonders.

The “rules” are simple:

Just write a post on your blog about a song. It can be a song that has spoken to your heart during a difficult time... a song that brings back a special memory... a song that makes you want to sing along to the top of your lungs... a song that makes you glad... a song that makes you want to dance... a song that has inspired you... a song that makes you feel like the words were written just for you... a song that makes your soul sing.


The song I have chosen to share today is by my all time favorite artist, Michael W. Smith. I’ve been listening to Smitty since his beginning in Contemporary Christian music.

I can remember using my TAPE RECORDER to tape his songs off the radio. Do you know how hard it was to hit the play button AND the record button at the same time, at the right time, to get ALL of the song on the cassette???

Anywhoo…..those days are over and now I have a CD I can wear out in my car and on my iPod. And I can even watch MWS sing over on YouTube. Yay!

This song is from his most recent album “A New Hallelujah”. You may remember I was quite giddy about attending this concert last month.

If you don’t own it, buy it, download it, whatever you need to do. Enough banter, here’s the title track:

Hope everyone has a blessed weekend!

And click over to Amy’s here if to see what songs others have chosen to share.


Mocha with Linda said...

Love this new one of MWS. And yes, I too am from the days of the tape recorder in front of the radio! That made me smile!

Melinda said...

I totally remember using my tape recorder to record songs off the funny! Oh, and I love the title of your blog, as I too am a GRITS. : )

jennifer said...

"the cleaning of the pig sty" :D

Tomorrow for me!

LOVE Michael W Smith and that song!