Monday, November 3, 2008

Not scratch and sniff…..

Look at this:


Can you believe how cute this is??

And it is so fitting for the Alabama fan in your life. Ahem, Jennifer at Dust Bunny Hostage, you totally need this.

What? You want to know what that little note reads in the top left corner?

Oh. Sorry. Let me look.


Huh? Let me flip that over for you to get a better look.

How’s that:


See, nothing to worry about. It’s just paper made from “Elephant Poo”.

Oh and even better, “100% Recycled AND ODORLESS”.

Well thank goodness for that. I can imagine Aunt Myrtle opening up her super cute Christmas card from the GRITS family saying to Uncle Earl “do you smell something that kinda smells like the zoo?”.

I even LOVE that there are poo piles behind the elephant for a more authentic look.

I would SO love to know who came up with this and what they were smoking thinking at the time.

Can you imagine the conversation in the elephant exhibit at the zoo

“Rusty, you might think this is crazy, but I think we can come up with something to do with ALL this elephant poop”

“You think so, Cletus”

*Poof* Middle of the night vision, “POO POO PAPER”

And the rest is history……

For the rest of the poo poo paper history, complete with exactly how they make the paper from the dung, click on over to Poo Poo Paper. You will not be disappointed.

The site is complete with the “Poo-tique” Online Shop. So, if you’ve got that one person on your list who has everything. You might want to think about some elephant poop. Recycled, of course.


Showed it to my kids when they got home from school, guess who asked, “does it smell?” while holding it up to HER nose? *cackle* *snort again*


We are THAT Family said...

Sounds right up our alley!

P.S. He loves you.. said...

I just attended a party where some of these were was a riot!

Valarie said...

Yep that is a very approriate thing for a Bama fan :) Even if you are number one this year :}

Leigh said...

I gave my mom a poop garden decoation one year. Made too of elepahnt poo and as it destinigrated it fertilized the soil. LOL.....

Yep, Jen needs that one!

The Bayou Belles and Their Beau said...

I am not even believing this. Crazy.

It would be appropriate if they made toilet paper? Oh, wait ... no ... then, you would be wiping your booty with poo. Nope.

Gayle @ thewestiecrew said...

"I would SO love to know who came up with this and what they were (smoking) thinking at the time."....LOLOLOLOL!!

Other than that.....G-R-O-S-S!

Southerner said...

I dare you to make a spit ball- you have to post a picture.

Well Behaved Krissy said...


jennifer said...

Ha! Thanks! I am Jen the Dust Bunny Hostage and approve of this message!

Girl, I am already thinking about my Zebra deer that I posted about a while back. I guess a big Alabama A will look great on top of those zebra stripes!