Saturday, November 1, 2008

Happy Days


Sunday, Monday Happy Days

Tuesday, Wednesday Happy Days

Thursday, Friday Happy Days


Is everyone now humming the rest of that infamous song while conjuring up images of Richie, Potsy, Joanie and the Fonz.  Oh yes, don’t forget Ralph Malph! 



And just what decade does this awesome show remind you of?  The fabulous fifties, of course.

Sock hops, poodle skirts, drive-ins and Coke in a bottle.  Classic symbols of an era gone by.

This past week the Princess and her 2nd grade class celebrated their 50th day of school by having a 50’s party!  Complete with costumes, music, food and candy from the 50’s. 






The day was not complete without having a project to make it more of an educational experience. 

Each child had to 1.) interview someone who lived during the 50’s with a list of questions, and 2.) pick something that was invented during the 1950’s and present it on a poster.

And just what did the Princess choose?  DUuuuuHhh!  Sister went with the Barbie doll.  Never mind all the other great inventions like Play-Doh,  Mr. Potato Head and my favorite thing from high school, liquid paper.

Now, who knew that Barbie was invented in 1959 by Ruth Handler for her daughter Barbara?!   Barbie was sold for around $3.00 and over 300,000 were sold during her first year.  I had NO idea. 

Stow that info away folks, you just may need to whip it out one day.  Ya’ never know.

I wonder if Barbie kept her clothes on better back then, than the Barbies that live at my house.


Valarie said...

Love the picture of her drinking the Coke! She is so cute!

Big Nanny said...

Cute pics.

We have the same hoochie mama barbies living at our house,too.