Wednesday, October 29, 2008

‘Fro Me to You— Scared? I’m not!


This may just be my last week “playing” along in Kristen’s Sincerely ‘Fro Me to You carnival.


Because what I am about to show you is the worst of the worst.  Or the best of the best.  Whichever.  It matters not. 



In honor of Halloween, Kristen has declared a “SCARY” theme for this week.  And what you are about to see brings a whole new meaning to scary….on any level.

This photo has surely never made it into a scrapbook or any book for that matter.  I’m not for certain that my family or my husband has seen this photo.  For reasons that will soon be quite obvious.

I’m not exactly sure how many people have seen this photo.  I’m almost positive those who may have had a glimpse at it back in 1987 probably have put some other memory in that place of their brain.  I wish I had.

Here are the pertinent facts:

Year: 1987

Place: Judson College freshman dorm, 3rd floor to be exact

Who:  Yours truly

Why:  Apparent boredom whilst being trapped at a Baptist women’s college located in small town Alabama; and I’ll have to claim naivety here, too!

Scam Makeover artists: Karen G., Jan J. and Michelle S. (my roommate and down the hall “friends”)


Ok……deep cleansing breath……letting it out……ready?


Wait.  Do I really want to do this.

It’s hard to type with beads of sweat dripping on the keyboard.

What the heck.  I’ll never run for public office.


Go empty your bladders ladies.


Brace yourself for a new level of scary

I will be so kind as to blow it up for the visually impaired and to ensure everyone gets the whole effect:







Yea, yea, yea……laugh it up…..


Who just snorted? 


Teresa, I do not want to hear one word from you sister. N-O-T-H-I-N-G.

I cannot be responsible for any Coke or Sweet Tea spit out on computer screens across America. 


Once you get a hold of yourself, click here to go over to We Are THAT Family and see if anyone can top this.  I would venture to guess it will be impossible.

I am totally expecting some sort of award for this week’s post.  Seriously.

I’m sure my followers will be tenfold by midnight.

Thank you…..thank you very much.


Greg Nicholson said...

I think I'm scarred for life....

Valarie said...

Oh Heaven Help! What did they do to you!!!!

Tammy said...

Ya' know, this is almost blocked from my memory. Almost.

I remember them telling me they wanted to "fix me up". *poof*

Bless my heart. That's all I can say.

Leigh said...

I never knew that you played Mama in Mama's Family! All these years I thought it was Vickie Lawrence! I love that show!

(snort, snort)

Amy-littletoesandcheerios said...

Good thing I wasn't drinking my mt dew Tammy! It's late I hope I don't have nightmares because of this...jk.
Bravo for your bravery...that's what this is all about. I love it.

Leigh is cracking me up with the mama's family!!

Ashley @ said...

Oh now THAT is hot!

Anonymous said...

HAHAHA! Thanks so much for sharing this picture. I think this one so far takes the cake! :D

P.S. He loves you.. said...

so has anything changed since then...I mean I look like that almost daily.

giggle snort giggle!

Lorie said...

I don't know how I missed the fact that you are a Judson girl- so am I. Just about 10 years before you. I loved it there. I probably have a picture like that in a box somewhere. I have a picture in a an antebellum dress by the presidents house for the Raiders dance at MMI. I lived in Barron.It's a small cool world isnt it!
Be blessed young thing!!!!!

The Source said... totally look like the cleaning woman who came out at the end of the Carol Burnett shows. Ha ha ha. I love it!

Kirby3131 said...

What a brave woman you are - trusting your college friends to make you up! It is just so funny, all those colored clips in your hair and the basket of laundry - priceless.

We are THAT Family said...

Hands down YOU WIN! {don't have actual prize, but in my heart I'm handing you a big, scary trophy}


You've taken this whole game up a notch!

heidi said...




Muthering Heights said...

LOLOLOL! GREAT definitely fits the theme!

a Tonggu Momma said...

You win. You absolutely win. (And I am so glad that I didn't.)

Jerralea said...

I didn't get to participate this week - my computer is on the fritz - but I could never top that! LOL

Anonymous said...

Wow -- I didn't know what to expect! It kind of reminds me of the closing cartoon of the carol burnette show.

marky said...

Hot stuff!!

Cindy Swanson said...

Love it, Tammy! That was GREAT!!!

natasha Stone said...

Your Insane! And I DIG that about you

Teresa said...

That's hot.

(I did not give you one word. I gave you two.)

Speedcat Hollydale said...

I was reading down and then poof ... there was the picture at the end.

Is there a GREAT picture from 1987??

I was in the mullet years. Ha haaaaaaa!!!!!