Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Over the Top Tacky

I’m sure everyone has been tapping their mouse awaiting the arrival of today’s Spirit Week photos. The suspense of today’s theme was more than you could handle.

Am I right, or am I right?!

Well, your wait is now over… I bring to you Crazy Tacky Day, 4th and 2nd grade style. Brace yourselves.


Lego-Man combined his prize find green spinner hat with a shirt from the Don Ho sailboat collection, complete with his favorite Army fatigue shorts, accented by black knee socks from David Beckham’s personal wardrobe. He accessorized with a red Armani zip tie, Top Gun sunglasses, a somewhat coordinating green/yellow leather wrist band engraved with the word “Brasil”, and some black Crocs.


The Princess’ fashionable presentation brings together a look I would describe as the Cheetah girls go to Bermuda. She accessorized her lovely ensemble with two separate fashion flip flops straight from the walkways of Tar-Jay. You know the place…the red Bulls Eye in the sky. *insert sound of angels singing*


So from our CRAZY house to yours….


Leigh said...

tacky, and yet cute!

Valarie said...

What? You are calling the princess's outfit tacky? I wore the same thing yesterday :0

Anonymous said...

Your kids are so cute!!

jennifer said...

Oh now that is just tacky.


queenoftheclick said...

Your kids had such a good time dressing up. We lived in the 80's and now kids are dressing up in them like we did with the 50's and 60's.