Monday, October 20, 2008

Boo! Guess who??

There were a couple of blog celebrities at the Michael W. Smith and Steven Curtis Chapman concert last night.  Both were found at the Compassion International booth.


I was a bit celebrity stuck by the first one, it rivaled Marcia Brady meeting Davy Jones.  As in my heart began beating fast and I began babbling nonsense to this sweet soul.  I said, “I’m the one who wrote ‘Roll Tide’ to you in the sand” thinking that would, for sure, put me in her mind.  I mean, after all, her blog is read by “tens of people”  surely she would remember me???  She politely laughed and also obliged my photo request!


100_0637_edited-1 Yes, this is the lovely and humble BooMama!!


Also working at the booth was fellow ‘Bama blogger, 3girlsmom



Yes, I borrowed your blog profile photo.  Sorry, but the GRITS’ readers demand a photo!  Isn’t she cute!   Yo, what up girl?!  She’s now one of my internet peeps. 

I have recently begun reading her blog and following her and BooMama on Twitter, which is how I found out they were at the concert.  So at intermission, I stalked them out and waited until the concert was over to make my move.


So glad I did…, who’s next??


Leigh said...

What fun!

jennifer said...

*waving hand wildly*


Roll Tide Chick!

Ashley @ said...

Ok so jealous! I love BooMama! and I could totally use a beach trip! Can
I pretend I went to college with you and come too? We could just photoshop
some pics of me into some of your Fro' me to you posts :)

Valarie said...

Oh my gosh, that is awesome!!!! I love that you stalked them :)

Jules from "The Roost" said...

Rubbing shoulder with the rich and famous ;) How fun!!!

Big Nanny said...

I met BooMama back in June and I completely understand what a big day this was for you...I'm quite sure it was up there with meeting Big Nanny, right???right?

Now, if we could just meet Sarah Palin, all would be right in the world.