Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Lessons from the Beach

I’m baaaack from the beach.  I got to spend some quality time with some dear friends from days gone by. 

Seems like yesterday we were 20-somethings getting ready to leave college and take our place in the world.  Time and distance has separated us.   We are now wives, mothers and professionals; yet our friendship remains the same. 

We spent hours in conversation and “catching up”.  There was a whole lot of laughter and a few tears.  Somehow we always seem to pick up where we left off.  That’s what friendship is all about.

However, this particular trip revealed some important  life’s lessons.  Get a pen handy, these are things you might want to pass on:

1.  Always, I mean always, empty your bladder before reliving funny college stories with your 40 year old friends.  Or just invest in a good Sam’s box of Depends to save yourself the trip, and embarrassment.


2.  If you are around the age of 40 and going on vacation, always have a box of All-Bran on the premises.  Just in case.  In the words of my friend, “you gotta have a healthy poop.”


3.  If riding a bike for any period of time, especially for what may seem like all day, make sure you have adequate padding, i.e. gel coated bicycle seat or some super padded cycling shorts.  Your own padding does not count!  I’m just sayin’.




4.  If you are driving on the back roads of Alabama and suddenly get the urge to take photos on a hay bale, don’t stop at the house with the Rebel flag at half-staff.  Festus may pull into the driveway as you sit atop the bale and shoot you in the butt.  Or he may laugh and drive on by.




5.  If you are driving on the interstate in Alabama and you spot a mullet of astronomical portions, and I mean one that has not graced daylight since Billy Ray Cyrus, do not attempt to take a photo of it at 70mph because no one will believe you saw it.



6.  If you stop off for lunch at a restaurant in middle-of-nowhere Alabama and spot someone who STRONGLY resembles your childhood Miss Beasley doll, act like you are taking photos of your friends while getting THE shot.





7.  If you are 40 and think you are still 18, do not attempt hand stands on the beach, you may have to sit down until the imaginary stars stop floating around your head.




8.  Sadly, 20 years later, your body just isn’t the same.  You might think it is.  Or, maybe yours is, then thank God.



9.  Never, ever, leave yourself logged into your facebook account and then fall asleep on the couch.  Your smarty-pants college pals might just change your profile picture and update your status.  Right, Amy?



10.  Make it a point to get together with your “old” college peeps every so often for a weekend of friendship and fun.  And make sure next year’s plans are done far enough in advance so the one’s who didn’t make it this year will be certain to make it next!




Here’s to friendship and our next get together…..


jennifer said...

I think I will just learn all of those lessons from YOUR experience. I trust you.

My lesson learned for today (and tomorrow unfortunately) will be don't eat butterbeans as 10:45 at night.

P.S. He loves you.. said...

giggle snort giggle @ Jennifer's comment...lol!

Still it looks as if you haven't grown up I mean age'd a bit!

Wonderful for you !

Suellen said...

O-2 I loved the pics. So sorry I couldn't make this trip. :( Thought of yall often all weekend. Checked facebook on & off for up dates from the trip. Must say the bike did look like McCrummin's. Ha Ha Looking so forward to our get togthere for J-Day.

Well Behaved Krissy said...

is it just me or does this sound A LOT like the book "same sweet girls". Go read it if you havent.

Leigh said...

OHHHH, what fun! Theres nothing like good girlfriends! Nothing!
Great pics! And omg! That does look like mzzzz beasley! holy cow!

Astrid said...

It will be worthy to follow your instructions….. will remember them memorize them during my vacation trips in future.

Valarie said...

That sounds like you had so much fun!!!!