Tuesday, May 6, 2008

AI Rocks

Well I am making an attempt to blog from work which involves typing on my smartphone's small keyboard. Don't worry no patient's lives are in jeopardy; today my job is to provide laboring women with a pain free experience.

Tonight we are rocking and David Cook is up first with Hungry Like a Wolf. Of all the rockin' songs written he chose his one?? Dude?!

Syesha...I can't remember what she sang by Tina Turner because her shiny dress had my attention.

Jason "Dread" Castro shot the sherriff and just shot himself in the foot! ByeBye.

Little Archuletta chose "Stand by Me". Ok, the little boy can sing. Fine. Umm, one question, are those doves on his shirt.  Just wondering.

Round Two. *ding*

David Cook sang The Who. Yea, dawg! That's da' man!! WOOT.

Syesha's 2nd song.  Ummm, I thought it was a night to rock and roll?  Oh well.  And she tried to play to my emotional side.  Bleck.
Jason's next attempt was a slightly karaoke version of Mr. Tambourine Man.  So long dreads!
Little David's sloooowww ballad version of Love Me Tender.  Yes, the boy can sing.  The little tweens will be texting like mad tonight.
Nothing new with the judges.  Randy's still sporting the friendship bracelet collection.  Paula, bless her heart.  And Simon, why won't he wear a shirt with some color?
I am still pulling for Super-Dave Cook.  Bottom two:  Jason and Syesha.  Leaving:  Jason.
*DING*  Round Three:  Me going back to "work" for the next 10 hours.

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Cindy-Still His Girl said...

I did NOT like Syesha trying the emotional card. It started to work until she perked up and equated THAT song with HER changing on AI. REALLY??? Civil rights... American idol. Yeah, I guess they're about the same.