Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Ready, Set......NO!

I guess it's true, close only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades. Because it sure didn't matter when it came to the Princess getting her ears pierced.

This little saga began, well, almost 7 years ago when friends started asking me if I was going to get my infant daughter's ears pierced. "Absolutely not" was my answer. Like I needed one more thing to take care of at the time, after all my kids are only 26 months apart. The hubby and I decided that she could get her ears pierced when she was old enough to take care of them. Which, to me, sounds reasonable.

Now, fast-forward to about 1 month ago when the Princess asked if we could get her ears pierced. Of course, the timing was not good. We were about to go to the beach and this germ-freak nurse mom was worried about getting an infection from something at the beach. Plus, I had to do some research and find out who did the procedure under operating room sanitary conditions! So, we told her that when we got back from the beach we would find a time to go. Which brings us to Sunday afternoon. I had talked to friends and did some research on my own and decided that Club Libby Lu's would be our ear piercing place of choice. And we thought making it a surprise would be fun!

After a fun weekend with family, we decided to make the piercing stop on our way back home. We arrived at said location and the Princess went banana's over all the "cute" things in the store. I spotted the ear piercing sign at the checkout counter and pointed it out to the Princess. She was so excited and ready to commit! We signed the forms, filled out a certificate, picked out the starter earrings and headed towards the chair.

**I must interject here that the little girls who worked at the store appeared as though NONE of them were over the age of 16. I kept looking for a supervisor or store mom that would be doing the actual "surgical" procedure. But no one who fit that description was ever seen**

The ear guns were cocked and loaded with the beautiful sapphire stones and into the chair the Princess went. She was getting her ears pierced, finally. The balking began immediately after the little store girl placed Sharpie dots on each lobe. So to help ease the fear, the hubby got into the chair and put the now nervous princess in his lap. We all began our "but they will look so pretty" and the "but you have been begging to do this". The sweet brother even said, "but you won't get that certificate for your room". Nope, nothing doing. The hubby was quick to point out to the little store girls that I could get mine pierced too and show the Princess how it's done. Thank you. For all that matters he could have gotten his done for the point to be made.

So we all left Club Libby Lu with our ear lobes still intact. Maybe next time...or not.


Worlds Greatest Mommy said...

So sweet. I'm glad you're all okay! My daughter hasn't started asking yet, but I'm dreading the day!

Thanks for visiting my blog, and for your sweet comment!

Greg Nicholson said...

I've always thought that my little girl would do well having her ears pierced around the age of 30.

You don't want to rush into these things. :)

Andrea said...

This same exact thing happened to me and my princess...I wonder how many times this senario plays out at Libby Lu?
So funny! And sad too cause you know they want to get them pierced!
Since then my girl will periodically say, "Let's go get my ears pierced today!" and then I say, "Really today!" and she says, "No, let's go next week!"

Heather said...

Oh well, you know there will be a next time! I bet it does happen at the store a lot. I may be calling Bobby if my peppers keep getting those brown spots...

Valarie said...

Awww, she will be ready soon enough. When Syd got hers pierced, she was about 10 and she took a friend. Well she got so upset that the friend sort of just acted like she didn't know her. :o) Since then we have had second holes pierced and did just fine.

Big Nanny said...

My daughter got her's done last year, they got infected all the time and we finally gave up and let them close up. My oldest daughter got them done around 8th grade and I think that age works out best. Thanks for leaving me a comment.