Monday, May 5, 2008

Back to life, back to reality

Before going completely back to my mundane life at home and work, I thought I would post a few more photos from our trip to the beach.

Saturday was dampened by a line of storms that hit around noon and completely washed out the scheduled afternoon "Beach Party". The party was moved indoors and despite the lack of sun and sand we all had fun, especially the kids!'

The Princess and Jackson

Sweet Emma:

Of course, the weather cleared up after the indoor beach party, so we all headed to Baytowne for dinner at the ACME Oyster House. Three words for you: Sweet Potato Fries! If I can't have my sweet potato's covered and smothered by brown sugar and pecans, I want them fried!

Check out the Princess' grand finale in Sandestin:

Both kids begged to do this the first night we were there, but being the not-so-allowing medically employed parents, we said "maybe later". But the persistent princess did not forget and we signed the waiver and let her go. The more cautious son decided he would forgo the rubber-band fun and stay close to the Earth's gravitational pull. Check out her face:

And every gymnast knows it's all about the dismount:

Well, the technologically advanced husband tried to get one last photo of the kids. Good thing he had the digital camera on the ghost setting, because the photo came out just perfectly!


Valarie said...

Loved the comment about the ghost setting to cute. So did you do all your education at Samford? The reason I am asking is my 14 year old wants to become an anesthesialogist (sp) and when I saw you went to Samford I was just wondering about it.

Heather said...

Ok, even though I was there, I love looking at the pics. How did I miss that one of you w/ your head on the books, lol. It was so great to see y'all. Hope we can get together soon and go to the beach again next year. btw, LOVE that pics of the kiddos by the ocean :-)

WellBehavedKrissy said...

Got to you through Valarie Lea's blog and can tell you're in T-town? Is that your "stompin' grounds" or did you get there through school?

Nice to meet you.