Tuesday, May 13, 2008

American Idol 3 on 3

Here we are, down to the final three contestants. We are left with little David A., Syesha , and the most awesome David Cook (said with intended bias).

Tonight they will be singing three songs. Each contestant will sing one song chosen by the judges, one by the producers and one they choose them self. So let's get this thang started.

Judges choice:

Little David Archuletta, with the glittery Paula choosing Billy Joel's "And So it Goes". Yes, the kid has a set of pipes on him. Very well done, but *YAWN*. I agree with Simon....."No surprises and predictable".

Syesha's song was chosen by everyone's main dawg, Randy. Alecia Keyes "If I Ain't Got You". Girlfriend is looking pretty snazzy tonight and she's not sitting on the piano or floor. This ADD girl is mesmerized by her sparkly dress! Very well done. That is until she whipped out the drama of "be-uh my-uh-self" remark at the end.

David Cook will be singing Roberta Flack's song "First Time Ever I Saw Your Face". Huh , is Simon trying to ruin my contestant?? No sir! Fabulous, just fabulous! Winner. We.Have.A.Winner.

Simon said, "Round one goes to Cook and Cowell". Agreed.

Contestant's Choice:

Archuletta sings "With You" by Chris Brown. Well, there ya' go. A song intended to get the tweens texting like mad following the show. And the little girls in the mosh pit are screaming like mad. Feels sorta like New Kids on the Block to me. *ring* I hear Disney calling.

Syesha chose to sing "Fever" by Peggy Lee because she likes the "vibe" and wants to use "the chair". Hmmmmmm.....excuse me while I send my kids out of the room. It's an older song, and she sang it exactly like everyone else. Nothing special and I think she loses points for playing the sultry card.

David Cook, my main man, chose a great song by SwitchFoot called "Dare You to Move". Have I mentioned before he gets bonus points for being left-handed? As if he needs extra points with me. Randy, too bad most of America can't pick up on "pitchy". At least I can't. Sounded great to me, bro'! And for heaven sakes, Paula wanted "more".

Winner of Round 2: David Cook.

Producer's Choice:

David A. sings Dan Fogleburg's "Longer". Nice, sing me to sleep please. Next....

Syesha is singing "Hit Me Up" by Gia Farrell (thank you google). Obviously I am not familiar with this song. She looks likes she is having fun with this upbeat song. It was just ok for me. Oh dear, I think she just imitated a penguin on national television. Wow. Next.....

Last but not least, Daivd Cook is singing Aerosmith's "I Don't Want to Miss a Thing". Well, singing Aerosmith also gets him bonus points, and he's a little easier on the eyes than big mouth Steven Tyler. WOOT!! And Paula is standing and clapping (I feel an awkward statement coming on). Phew, she sorta sang "see you in the finals".

Winner of Round 3:

Prediction time, as if I need to make one. Sparkly, sultry Syesha is taking her flashy dresses and her dancing chair home tomorrow night. Which leaves us with the battle of the David's next week.

We know the texting tweens will be burning up the lines next week for David A. So, if you have a cell phone and you don't know how to send text messages, I suggest you pull your 10 year old over and get the texting low down. Until next time..... c u l8r!

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Sister Honey Bunch said...

This has got to be the best recap EVAH. Except for mine, of course.

Pajama Mama said...

I agree with you about Syesha's chair...I thought it was a bit much. My girls like Syesha...and want her in the top two.

Mamacita said...

Funny! I think Dave C. will win for sure. I still miss Jason C., though. :)

Becs said...

I will admit how good I think Cook is once Syesha is gone... which means that I will after tonight. Until then my loyalty lies with her :)
Thanks for stopping by my blog.

Meg @ Spicy Magnolia said...

Great review! Yeah, Syesha did play the sultry card, didn't she? Go David C! You're right, I gotta get ready to vote like mad. :)

Lorrie said...

LOL- Hard- at the dancing chair comment. BTW...I wasn't buying that fake southern accent one little bit. Chay-yer?! Back up the weave, honey, it's time to go home!

Linda said...

Fun stuff! The chair dance put me off, but I'm female!