Thursday, May 15, 2008

Happy Anniversary

I am once again participating in We are That's Family's 'Fro Me to You Thursday. I enjoyed it so much last week, I thought I would participate again this week. I love looking at photos from the past and looking at hairstyle's and clothing. Good times!

**This is a post I made earlier in the week, so I hope it is not cheating.

Thirty years ago, May 13, 1978, my mom and step-dad were married in Mobile, Alabama.

I would be the little brown headed cutie on the bottom left with the FAB-U-LOUS blue dress with the itchy looking lace collar! Nice. Thanks mom for the groovy dress.

I just wanted to wish them a very happy anniversary and here's to 30 more filled with love, laughter and good health.

If you stopped by today please leave my folks a happy comment in honor of their special day! Thank you!


Constantine said...


Teresa said...

Happy Anniversary! Here's to many, many more.

And may I also say thank you for adorning Tammy in that lovely blue dress with the lace collar. Because today it brought me joy. : )

Yaya said...

WOW!! What a surprise!! Thanks for sharing our special day with everyone!!


Valarie said...

Thats wonderful!! Happy Anniversary!!!!

Karen said...

Happy Anniversary!!

Tammy said...

From my Aunt and Uncle:

Congratulations 30 times! But who is that man in the picture with Katrina? Can't be Bobby, can it, with the dark hair and side burns?!??! You know you are special, brother. And Katrina is special, too! Hope you have a wonderful anniversary. We love you. Ronnie and Joyce

Nicolette said...

Happy 30th!!! Wow, what a cute family! I must say that little blonde is adorable! She couldn't be over 30 could she??? Love you all!

We are THAT Family said...

Wow! That's quite a milestone and such great photos! I just love the blue dress!

Happy Anniversary!

Thanks for playing along.

Happy Mommy said...

Happy Anniversary to your family!

Valarie said...

I know I have already been here once, but I am back. :) I love these pictures, especially the one of all of you.

P.S. He loves you... said... sweet of you to post a tribute.

Alicia said...

Happy Anniversary!
I loove the photos; my mom and dad's wedding looked so much exactly like that!

Bahama Shores Mama: said...

Happy many more!

Anonymous said...

That is great- Cute pic of the kids- Yes indeed that collar looks itchy!

jennifer said...

Happy Anniversary!

Happy Anniversary!

Happy Anniversary!

Haaaaaaaaa-ppy Anniversary!

*sung with the da da dunt tune*

They looked so happy in the pictures. And YOU were just a cutie patootie!


Come by and meet Mr. White if you get a chance!!

Anonymous said...

I'm visiting from Boomama's site. You left a comment indicating you live in Tuscaloosa! I do, too!! I don't know any other T-town bloggers, so I had to come visit your site!! Do you know if there are any more of us?

Jennifer Raack said...

In the third grade, I had the exact same hairdo as you did in that first picture....oh the night mares..I mean, oh the good times...that brings back to me.

I'll have to play along with this "fro back" as son as I can dig out my old pictures.

Happy Anniversary to your folks (a few days late).