Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Top 10 Reasons

you may have missed the final American Idol of 2008.


1. live under a rock

2. were at work

3. have small children and were watching Teletubbies to keep the peace

4. were forced invited to have dinner at your in-laws

5. experienced a power outage

6. had a failure of your electronic recording equipment

7. got the new WiiFit today and could not stop playing it

8. were worshipping the Lord at a Wednesday night service

9. were under a storm warning and the weatherman held your Fox station hostage

10.were not smart enough to remember that your DVR only records up to the exact hour and you missed everything after they announced the winner of AI 2008 (this sounds like I may know what I am talking about)

Have no fear people, I have done an extensive YouTube search for you because "I am your brother, your best friend for ever..." Ahem, anyway, I have found the rest of the American Idol that I you may have missed. Unfortunately it begins with the judges review of both candidates. This would be where they decided to retract all their statements from last night, you remember where they handed the competition to Disney Dave. Ummm, hello, he lost by 12 MILLION votes. Looks like Archuletta will be headed to Orlando to work. Next stop Disney's Aladdin float. I can totally see him singing "It's a Whole New World". Come on, you KNOW you can too.

Anyway, without further ado, I present you with the last several minutes of American Idol 2008:


Jane @ What About Mom? said...

Love a good top ten list! I thought them bringing out the Renaldo guy singing You are My Brother was the most awesome thing ever. I love America!

Teresa said...

If only I could be as excited about our presidential election. At least with this vote we had decent candidats to choose from. And now it's time for AI detox. Whatever will we do?

Kate said...

Yes, that's right girlfriend.....TWELVE MILLION VOTES....whooohoooo for David COOK!!!! Yay yay yay!!!! "D