Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Let's Get Ready to Rumble........

Wait a minute, hold on, I have to make sure I have my TV on the correct channel. Ok, it is the right channel, but it looks like the beginning of a professional boxing match. Hello, are you kidding me?? This IS supposed to be a singing show Mr. Director Man.

Wow, I totally should have waited about 15 minutes, pressed play on the DVR and fast-forwarded through the boxing introduction. Wait, the guys even have on shiny boxing robes. C-O-R-N-Y! Oh dear, they even scared up Jim Lampley. Is that Brylcreem in his hair? I'm just asking.

Looks like the powers that be at American Idol are going to continue with the boxing theme. Soooo, when you can't beat them, you might as well join them. With that being said, I will rename my title and proceed on with the boxing singing show.

Welcome sports, er, AI fans!! Tonight will be the battle of the David's: Little David Archuletta vs. Rockin' David Cook. I predict the competition will be fierce and tough. But being the last show and all the stops pulled out, the competition could be like Muhammed Ali vs. Pee-Wee Herman, Sugar Ray Leonard vs. Tiny Tim, Super Dave Osborone vs. Little Disney Dave. You get the picture. And in my humble opinion, the superior boxer, of course, being David Cook. (Hey, it's my blog)

Round One: *DING*

David Cook
"I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For"-- Wow, he's got the pancake make-up on pretty thick tonight and the spiky up-do going on. Looking good. He seems a bit stressed, but sang the song great. I loved the ending. Fabulous. The judges seemed to have liked it. This is a good start for my buddy Dave. WOOT! Rock on bro'.

David Archuletta
"Don't Let the Sun Go Down on Me"-- Seems he's going for the big money right off the bat with Elton John. Let's see what junior can do. One question, why does the child squint so much?! Oh my, he really pulled that one off. That might be the best yet for him. Yikes, look out Super Dave C.

Results: David Cook came out swinging with some jabs and hooks, while David Archuletta got in a few uppercuts and cross-punches before the round was over. Looks like round one has ended in a tie, sending each David back into their corner.

Round Two: *DING* *DING*

David Cook
The southpaw comes out with a heavy barage of punches with the song "Dream Big". Personally, I really liked the sound. It's not a song I am familiar with, but it was David's usual great performance that sets him apart. The judges thought it was just ok. Whatever. I am getting the feeling here they have decided they want Disney Dave to win this thing.

David Archuletta
"In This Moment" was Little D's choice for his second song. *YAWN* Here we go with the hand waving mosh pit. Seemed like a safe choice for him. Nothing spectacular, pretty much his status quo. The judges liked it, especially Simon, despite the fact he thought Little D's song title was a bit "cocky".

Results: In keeping with the boxing theme, this round's performance reminded me of the Three Stooges. You remember when Moe would put his hand on Curly's forehead to keep him away, and Curly kept swinging his arms trying to punch Moe but just couldn't reach. Round two winner: David Cook!


David Cook
"The World I Know" by Collective Soul. I love this song and love the amateur Cook's rendition of it. I repeat, I would buy his album. The judges liked it but thought it was just ok. Simon thought it was the wrong song at the wrong time. What does that British guy know?? Sheesh.

David Archuletta
Well, the underdog is going all out with a combination punch by singing the Beatles "Imagine". He is still singing with his eyes closed. Good song choice for the little guy. The tweens will really be texting this evening. As he listens to the judges I can only think of the YouTube video made of him constantly licking his lips to a song called "Lip Gloss". Go see it!

Results:It brings me great sadness to announce round three went to the tenacious Little David A. This round sent David Cook back to his corner for an ice pack to his forehead.

Tonight's battle was a real bruiser. The guys went head to head in the ring with punches and jabs galore. I'm not going to say David Archuletta TKO'd David Cook by any means. However, Super David Cook got a couple of good rounds in before Disney Dave sent him back to his corner in the final round! This one is going to be close folks. It will all depend on what style the voter likes. I am still going to have to go with my favorite David Cook as the winner.

Th-th-th-that's all folks! That's a wrap. Keep your feet on the ground and keep reaching for the stars. Now get on outta' here and get to voting! And be sure to head on over to BooMama's and check out all the other American Idol reviews!


Nicolette said...

Is it just me or did little David look like he was sitting in time out on those steps? And did anyone else notice his speaking voice sounds a lot like Kermit the Frog? Even with all that...the boy can sing!!!

Melzie said...

I think the consensus is that Cook would be better off career wise to get 2nd ;) I need to figure itunes out like now. xoxo melzie

JenB said...

Great recap! Now YOU brought the funny!

Mamacita said...

loved the commentary inside the AI boxing ring. :) I think David C. is the best performer all around. I do like David A. though. Disney Dave is too funny!

Jen @ Daily Mish Mash said...

Great recap! I think you may be right about the tween vote being the end of David Cook. Although I'm sure he'll have the bigger career. Disney Dave reminds me of Clay Aiken--perfect contestant for Idol, but not someone that is going to be a huge megastar.

Cindy-Still His Girl said...

Well, aren't you so funny?! :) Love the *Ding* effect. :)
I'm be a little bummed when it is all over and we have to wait 9 more months for a little snarky Simon!

CC said...

I like David Cook better too. I think he'll have a better career.

Megan said...

thanks for stopping by the blog today!

it seems like a lot of the teeny-boppers and the grandmas like archuleta, and those of us inbetween lean toward cook.

Tamara said...

Cute blog! Enjoyed your boxing recap...more than the boxing elements on the show!

And I agree with nicolette...heard sound bites of David A on KLOVE this morning and told my husband that he sounds like Kermit!

Kate said...

HERE HERE!! Fingers crossed for tonite's show...thanks for popping by! I know for real about my header...that's just where I want to be RIGHTNOW! :) Have a great day!